What's Best for the Woman Athlete: Nutrition or Physical activity ?

What's Best for the Woman Athlete: Nutrition or Physical activity ?


A woman’s Body Weight , total energy needs, the specific metabolic demands of their sport, and their stage of training or game schedule will all determine the quantity of carbohydrates needed. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for women and men.

Carbohydrate foods should make up more than half the woman’s total energy intake. If she is involved in heavy daily exercise, her carbohydrate needs will be even higher and she should make sure she eats enough carbohydrate to meet her increased daily requirements.

They fuel her muscles and brain activity. Carbohydrate rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, breads and grains should make up 55- to 65% of her daily caloric intake.

Eating for Iron

Females Athletes who train a lot have a greater iron turnover than non female-athletes, as their bodies must replace tissues and blood cells at a higher rate.

Women athletes are at an even greater risk of iron deficiency, due to losses from menstruation. Bottom low iron levels will reduce endurance capacity, threaten immune health, and can lead to ongoing fatigue that prevents quality training; supporting a high iron intake should therefore be considered by female fighters.

Benefits of Physical Activities

According to statics the Woman is twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. Younger women are especially susceptible to depression due to hormonal changes, but regular physical activity can help prevent  this disorder.

It is well known that physical actives helps to elevate one’s mood and create a sense of happiness, which benefits the body for both psychological and biochemical reasons.

Physical Activity has always been associated with improved psychological health by reducing levels of stress and depression. It has also been suggested that physical activity can contribute to building self-esteem and confidence and can provide a vehicle for social integration.

Benefits of Both Physical Activity and Nutrition

Physical activities can help promote weight loss, but it seems to work best when combined with a lower calorie nutrition plan.

If women don’t curb their nutrition, they likely need to exercise for long periods of time-or at a high intensity-to lose weight. Strength, speed, and flexibility are all crucial determinants of success in the cage for the woman fighter. They’re also necessary components to developing a better physique.

By incorporating exercises and workout regimes that require movement on multiple planes—like those that mimic striking, kicking, and grappling—you’ll have the coordination and speed to go undefeated in the match.


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