Featured Fighter Josh Thomas

Featured Fighter

For Josh Thomas the foundation of all exercise is movement. Josh finds out that a variety of different drills and exercises that he uses develops more coordination, body awareness, speed, power and athleticism. For Josh just building quality movement patterns and developing a foundational level of strength is essential and is a big priority for him. He defines agility as the ability to change direction. Reacting to his opponent, setting up an attack and defending requires him to move quickly and change directions quickly.

In a sport where livelihood and fitness are so closely linked, it’s no wonder that Josh is in such great shape. His conditioning is just as important as his talent and skill. For a fighter, Josh knows how well-prepared he is usually determines how well he performs.

A supremely conditioned fighter can overwhelm a less-conditioned athlete with a constant and unrelenting barrage. Training is where the mind, the heart, AND the body are pushed and tested. Even though he may not be planning to walk into the ring anytime soon, that doesn’t mean he can’t train and look like these elite athletes.

Josh Thomas

Fighter LCL/PKB Record: 2-0 Division: Flyweight/ Bantamweight Hometown: Orange Park FL LCL IKF-PKB Competitor/ BJJ Competitor Notables: Speed and Quickness, High Work Ethic, Youth Trains At: Smiley Academy

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