Featured Fighter Ramon Butts

Featured Fighter

Ramon Butts would explain Kickboxing as a group of stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, which has historical background from Karate, Muay Thai, Khmer Boxing, and Western boxing. Ramon understands the identical scoring system of kickboxing.

In his mind he knows that a winner is declared during the bout if there is a submission meaning that if the fighter quits or fighter’s corner throws in the towel, knockout, or referee stoppage which is a technical knockout, or TKO, so he fights with that understanding and advantage.

As a Notable fighters you have to understand full contact rules. There are three main guards or styles used in kickboxing. Within each style, there is considerable variation among fighters, as some fighters may have their guard higher for more head protection while others have their guard lower to provide better protection against body punches, but Ramon uses both guards as his advantage over his opponents. Ramon as a fighter vary his defensive style throughout a bout in order to adapt to the situation of the moment, choosing the position best suited to protect him.

Ramon Butts

Fighter LCL/PKB Record: 2-1 Division: Middleweight Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida LCL Middleweight IKF PKB Grand Prix Champion, Combat Night Middleweight Champion Notables: Legendz Combat PKB Champ, Experienced Competitor, Improves Each Fight, Strong Kick Boxing, Trains At: St Johns Krav Maga

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