Featured Fighter Zach Johnson

Featured Fighter

In almost every sport, the ability to be explosive and powerful often goes hand in hand with success, and this is especially true for Zach Johnson. Being faster and more explosive then other fighters gives him the ability to overpower, outwork, and outgun his opponent from start to finish. When Zach is in the cag, his power is more than just a physics equation. In MMA, power doesn’t just depend on how strong or how fast you are. It also depends on how well conditioned your specific energy systems are to allow you to produce power when it counts and Zach understands that principle.

Zach knows that the body has three principle systems that it uses in an overlapping fashion to produce the energy the body needs to survive, move around, and punch, kick, or elbow people in the face. These systems are known as the anaerobic-alactic, anaerobic-lactic, and aerobic systems. The three systems vary both in terms of how fast they are able to produce energy and how long they are able to sustain that energy production. This means that each energy system has a power component as well as a capacity component.

What is the makeup of a great MMA fighter? The answer is looking at it more from the strength and conditioning fighter point of view. Zach knows and understands that as a MMA fighter he has to be strong enough to dominate the opponent, throw powerful punches and kicks, absorb impact, and be able to resist a constant application of force.

Zach Johnson

Fighter LCL Record: 1-0 Division: Welterweight Hometown: Jacksonville Beach Florida Welterweight Advanced No-Gi Champion Notables: 2-0 MMA, Trains at BTT Jax under Marcello Bergo, Good conditioning, explosive, constant motor. Trains At: Brazillian Top Team Jax

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